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HAYNES #10425 (1480) TECHBOOK FOR car HEATING & AIR. * process upkeep * TROUBLESHOOTING * fix & specifications

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Although they use physically larger, heavier-duty compressors, condensers and evaporators, cycling clutch, orifice tubes, pressure switches, receiver-driers, etc. - are virtually identical to the parts used on R12 systems. But they're not interchangeable! Installing a component designed for an R-12 system in a system built to use R-134 a - or vice-versa may cause component failure and could damage the system. If you're working on a 1992 or newer vehicle, always determine whether is uses R-12 or R-134a before servicing or troubleshooting it.

The thermostatic switch is located on or near the evaporator, where its sensing tube can "feel" the temperature of the evaporator coils. The switch engages or disengages the compressor clutch to maintain the correct evaporator temperature. This process keeps the cooled air entering the vehicle at a constant temperature. This type of system was once typical of OEM air conditioning systems. Typical air conditioning systems m]LOW PRES5URE LIQUID LOW PRLSSURE VAPOUR A typical expansion valve system FILTER DRIER VALVE 1198 Orifice tube system There are three principal differences between an orifice tube type system and the expansion valve type described above.

Suction throttling valve (STV) system Some older air conditioning systems use a suction throttling valve or STV (see illustration) as the main evaporator control. This type of system is common on older General Motors and Ford vehicles. The valves themselves dif- ~ Typical air conditioning systems LOW PRESSURE VAPOUR COMPRESSOR LOW PRESSURELIQUID HlGH PRESSURE LIQUID HlGH PRESSURE VAPOUR LIQUID & E D V A typical Suction Throttling Valve (STV) system APILLARY TUBE EXPANSION VALVE H31200 fer in configuration but, functionally, they're all pretty similar.

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