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Those who oppose animal rights argue that animals cannot truly be compared to humans in terms of moral worth and the ability to reason. Point2 1/14/04 7:00 AM Page 52 Animals Should Not Be Used in Medical Research T he debate over the use of animals in medical and other types of scientific research and testing is a central issue in the battle for animal rights. It is what gave rise to the first large animal rights group in the United States, the American AntiVivisection Society, and it has been a major campaigning issue for many pro – animal rights organizations ever since.

Those hit with the heaviest doses vomited violently and became extremely lethargic before being killed. S. Army at Fort Detrich, Maryland, involved shaving the stomachs of adult rhesus monkeys and then attaching cartons of mosquitoes to their bodies to allow the mosquitoes to feed. Experimenters at Fort Detrich have also invented a rabbit restraining device that consists of a small cage that pins the rabbits down with steel rods while mosquitoes feast on their bodies. Wound Labs: The Department of Defense has operated “wound labs” since 1957.

To check whether something was an irritant, a sample of the product is either put into a rabbit’s eye (New Zealand white rabbits are usually used because they are very tame and easy to buy) or is applied to a patch of shaved skin that has been abraded. The rabbits, which are considered useful subjects because they lack tear ducts that may rinse the chemicals away, are restrained in a box or have their heads locked in stocks so they can’t scratch at or rub their eyes or skin. Scientists then observe whether the test product causes the skin or eye to become inflamed.

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