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By Alexander Rainy Maclean Murray

First released in 1953, this seminal advent to political philosophy is meant for either the coed of political idea and for the overall reader. After an advent and is the reason the character and goal of philosophy, Dr Murray offers a severe exam of the primary theories complex by way of political philosophers from Plato to Marx, paying targeted recognition to modern matters. The booklet additionally attempts to outline the basic problems with philosophical value in modern politics, with exact connection with the clash among political authority and person rights, and to teach how different ethical assumptions underlying authoritarian and democratic platforms of presidency are eventually dependent upon varied theories of common sense.

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C. He was sent to Athens at the age of eighteen for higher education, and was a member of Plato's Academy for twenty years. , particularly marine biology. C. he became tutor to Alexander, Prince of Macecbn, afterwards Alexander the Great, who was then a boy of thirteen. There is no indication, however, that he exercised any influence on Alexander's character. The Politics makes it clear that he disliked all types of dictatorship and, like Plato, thought that the small city state, which had no political ambitions, provided the most favourable environment for the good life.

90. Aristotle (1923). 38 An Introduction to Political Philosophy H, HI, VII, and VIE Aristotle is more interested in describing an Ideal State; whereas in Books IV-VI he assumes that the political ideal varies from state to state and argues that the duty of government is to realize that political ideal as completely as possible whatever form it may take. Apart from philosophy in the strict sense, Plato was mainly interested in mathematics and Aristotle in biology, and their political philosophies in many ways reflect this difference.

Only on this condition will the life of the community be morally sound. In the past Plato's theory has been widely respected as a brilliant and impressive vindication of the place of moral principles in politics, but it does not either anticipate or answer the arguments upon which Empiricist Theories of Morality have in modern times been 2 1 2 3 Republic, 111,416. , VII, 521. , VII, 521. , VII, 540. 34 An Introduction to Political Philosophy based Judged by contemporary standards of philosophical criticism, Plato's arguments are in many cases either obscure or dogmatic or based upon doubtful assumptions.

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