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By Mara L. Pratt

Tales of early exploration and founding of yankee colonies, conflicts over faith, and issues with the Indians, culminating within the French and Indian conflict. compatible for a long time eight and up.

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Living as he did in this little sea-port town, he was generally, when not at school, to be found standing about the wharves watching the great ships come in, and listening to the marvellous stories that the sailors told. Genoa at this time was a very rich town, and it sent ships to all parts of the known world. The little boy, eagerly drinking in all the wonderful stories the sailors were so fond of telling, thus learned much of the far away countries—much that was true and much also that was purely imaginary.

Contents Long Ago Early Discoveries Christopher Columbus The Voyage Other Great Explorers English Explorers Sir Francis Drake Sir Walter Raleigh The Colonies Plymouth Colony The Puritans The Dutch in America Other Colonies Customs in the Colonies The New England Primer Manner of Dress Pine-tree Shillings Education in the Colonies Salem Witchcraft Religious Troubles William Penn Indian Troubles King Philip's War French and Indian War George Washington in the French and Indian War How the Colonies Grew United SHIPS OF THE NORSEMEN Long Ago MANY, many years ago, O, so many that I fear you could not count them even, this country in which we live was one vast expanse of woodland and fields, mountains and swamps.

Wait, wait," said the monk. "I myself will go to the queen. I cannot bear that this honor should pass into the hands of the French. " And so it was that once more Columbus waited and was led at last into the presence of the only one in all Spain who seemed to be kind enough at heart and to be far sighted enough to know that Columbus was neither foolish nor crazy. " THE DEPARTURE OF COLUMBUS FROM SPAIN The Voyage WITH Isabella's aid and a little money which Columbus himself had, three ships were fitted out.

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