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By Guenter Lewy

1978 ebook on the USA in Vietnam.

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For example, in response to a question from Senator Brewster, who was concerned about a land war on the Asian continent and who asked whether the resolution would authorize "the landing of large American armies in Vietnam or in China," Fulbright answered: "There is nothing in the resolution, as I read it, that contemplates it. However, the language of the resolution would not prevent it. It would authorize whatever the Commander in Chief feels is necessary. . " In the old days, he pointed out, war usually resulted from a formal declaration of war and there was time for Congress to participate in such decisions.

On 4 August, the president met with 18 congressional leaders from both parties, explained his reasons for the reprisal strikes and informed the legislators of his intention to request a statement of congressional support for his Southeast Asia policy. A formal message to this effect reached Congress on 5 August; draft resolutions introduced by Sen. J. William Fulbright and Rep. Thomas E. Morgan were discussed and approved by the Senate Foreign Relations and the House Armed Services committees on 6 August.

As to drive the inhabitants into the safety of the strategic hamlets. 77 Actually, as was to be expected, these measures of coercion further alienated the population. The strategic hamlet program, like its predecessor the agroville idea in 1959, thus drove a wedge not between the insurgents and the peasants, but between the rural population and the government. The final result was less rather than more security in the countryside. Senator Mansfield, who was back in Vietnam at the end of 1962 for the first time since 1955, upon his return expressed his deep concern over the trend of events.

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