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By Nicole Gotzner

This publication provides a singular experimental method of investigating the psychological illustration of linguistic possible choices. Combining theoretical and psycholinguistic questions about the nature of other units, it sheds new mild at the conception of concentration and the cognitive mechanisms underlying the processing of choices. In a sequence of language comprehension experiments, the writer exhibits that intonational concentration and concentration debris corresponding to ‘only’ form the illustration of choices in a listener’s brain in a basic manner. This booklet is suitable to researchers attracted to semantics, pragmatics, language processing and memory.

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Focus particles have a truth conditional impact in contrast to bare intonational focus. Consider the following example found in Rooth (1985): (3) a. Carl likes [herring]F b. [Carl]F likes herring Focusing either Carl or herring in (3) does not make a difference in truth conditions of the above sentence: the sentence will be true or false depending on the matter of facts but independent of which part of the sentence is focused (either it is true that Carl likes herring or not). However, as is noted in Rooth (1992), focus affects the pragmatic inferences arising from the sentence.

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