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By David de Sola

Alice in Chains have been one of the loudest voices out of Seattle. They have been iconic pioneers who combined grunge and steel in ways in which proceed to steer today's artists, and theirs is a narrative of labor, self-destruction, emerging from the ashes, and wearing on an enduring legacy.

Four years after their first assembly at a warehouse lower than Seattle's Ballard Bridge, Alice in Chains turned the 1st of grunge's vast 4 - prior to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden - to get a gold list and accomplish nationwide popularity. With the charismatic Layne Staley in the back of the microphone, they turned essentially the most influential and winning bands to come back out of the Seattle track scene. yet because the band bought greater, so did their problems.

Acclaimed journalist David de Sola delves underneath the secrecy, gossip, and rumor surrounding the band to inform their complete tale for the 1st time. according to a wealth of interviews with those who have direct wisdom of the band, many talking at the list for the first actual time, de Sola explores how medicines approximately destroyed them and claimed the lives of Staley and founding bassist Mike Starr, follows Jerry Cantrell's solo occupation and Mike Starr's lifestyles after being fired from the band, and chronicles the band's resurrection with new lead singer William DuVall.

From their nameless struggles to topping the charts with hits like "Would?," "Man within the Box," and "Rooster," Alice in Chains finds the participants of the band now not as caricatures of rock stars yet as impressive, nuanced, and incorrect people whose years of exertions ended in the doubtless in a single day good fortune that modified the track scene eternally.

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