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This background strengthens our interpretation of the acclamation gesture as an expression of the apostles' thanksgiving to Christ who acts here as Conservator. 128 129 130 The ecclesiological interpretation of the apostolic assembly is sup­ ported by the mosaic's presentation of an idealized collegium in which the number of twelve in the group is preserved by including Paul—a presentation unsupported by any evidence in the New Testament. The number twelve in itself has obviously been of ecclesiological impor­ tance.

4 1 . 1052). " o m n e , q u o d prodit ex aliquo, secundum sit eius necesse est, de q u o prodit, non ideo tamen est separatum", Tertullian, A d v . Prax. 8 ( C S E L . 4 7 . 2 3 9 ) . Dolger, Sonne und Sonnenstrahl p . 280f. 8 5 8 6 8 7 A c c o r d i n g to J e r o m e , Origen taught " d e u m patrem esse lumen inconprehensibile; Christum conlatione patris splendorem esse perparuum, qui apud nos pro inbecillitate nostra magnus esse uideatur", J e r o m e , Epist. 124. 2 ( C S E L . 56. 97). Athanasius, D e sent.

140f. 1 1 3 1 . 4 Ibid, p . 243 note 3. " D i e Darstellungen der Denkmaler vergegenwartigen es uns, dass auch dieses Abzeichen der Alleinherrschaft unter d e m Deckmantel der religiosen Ehrung des Souverans mit d e m Z u b e h o r der Gottlichkeit eingeschmuggelt wurde, und sich erst in der Allegorie und kunstlerischen Formengebung festsetzend, dann auch in der Wirklichkeit eingefiihrt w u r d e " , Ibid, p . 243. See, however, the critical remarks to this interpretation in Nilsson, Bedeutung p .

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