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By Steve Dobbs, Jane Miller, Julian Gilbey

Written to compare the contents of the Cambridge syllabus. records 2 corresponds to unit S2. It covers the Poisson distribution, linear combos of random variables, non-stop random variables, sampling and estimation, and speculation assessments.

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In the following, to avoid unnecessary technicalities, we shall always assume that D is bounded. e. -I-¢ hence the 1-parameter family (Vt~), defined by ; ¢c~ ~ = v y ~ . e. ~ ) = a d ~ (~)" = ~(~). ( . ) . v, (~)" = v,(~)", u;(. 21) is called the i n t e r a c t i n g d y n a m i c s . e. 22) Since this limit extracts the long time cumulative behaviour of the interacting dynamics, we expect its effects to be best revealed on those observables and those states which depend on this long time cumulative behaviour.

9b). Now fix ql < --. < qm in { 2 , . . , n} and define [ q l , . . ~ ] to be the set of all ordered m-tuples ( P l , . . , P . )" Notice that ail such m-tuples are obtained by one of them by application to it of any permutation r of { 1 , . . 21) >2forsomect Thus I xx, c=,~)I _<11= tl-il ~ I1. II D I1" . 2 - . ,,~ ( q l , - . ¢~1 /o'dt~ dt2 ... fot'~-~ ,< g, S(t _%~)/;~2g>I... fot"-~ I< g,S(% _%~)/)t2g >, ... 25) and there exists a constant C, such that G < C. ~ ( q z , . . tO m! ,+, . .

2) For each n , k E N , rn = 0 , . . , n / 2 , S 1 , . . , S k , T I , . . , T k , t , A E I~. 12) are fulfilled, the quantity j=l II ~. k e { z ..... 16) JS~/~ 2 the estimate t ~- ~ c';' ~;- ~ (~ - m)! 17) with c~ = /R l < g , S . 19) 37 u n i f o r m l y in A E (0, + o o ) . 20) ~0 ~ROOF W i t h t h e c h a n g e of v a r i a b l e s vk = uk - tk , t h e q u a n t i t y A ~ ! -,. k e ( 1 . . . } - {pa ,q:t ; . . ,. ,g > Idv~ h e n c e , w i t h t h e f u r t h e r c h a n g e of v a r i a b l e sk = ~2tk = ~2---~" ' /o' /o" dsz ds2 "'" ]-I /o....

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