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By Wendy Simonds

How do feminist id and abortion politics intersect? in particular, what does feminism suggest to ladies operating to feminist wellbeing and fitness care and abortion prone within the overdue Nineteen Eighties and early Nineties? What are the ideological effects and emotional tolls of doing such paintings in a adversarial socio-cultural setting? Can feminism and paperwork coexist productively? How do feminists confront the anti-feminist competition, from anti-abortion protesters outdoors to racism inside of feminist organizations?

These are the questions that force Wendy Simonds' Abortion at Work. Simonds records the methods in which employees at a feminist health facility build compelling feminist visions, and in addition watch their beliefs fall brief in perform. Simonds translates those women's narratives to get at how abortion works on feminism, and to express what feminism can achieve by means of rethinking abortion using those activists' phrases. In completely enticing prose, Simonds frames her research with a relocating account of her personal own realizing of the issues.

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On a busy day, I would talk to nine or ten women about the abortions they were about to have. I would hear the clients' storiesboth because it was my job to elicit them and because most women seemed to expect that they would be called upon to explain themselves. It was not unusual to discover that I was the first person to be told about these pregnancies and the only person to hear why these women decided they wanted to abort. Sexual activity was shameful in the younger women's lives; and unwanted pregnancies served as a confirmation of their guilt.

I have done work in this area, and would love to learn how work gets done by helping out in whatever ways I could. I do believe that research like this is productive in a broad perspective as well: in terms of feminist politics and the future of procreative freedom (not simply in academic terms). Administrative response to my request took several weeks. I called Nancy regularly and felt like a pest. When she told me that she and Emma had approved my request and that I could start coming in, I was elated.

We would shout, but they didn't. We didn't tell the teachers, and we didn't tell our parents. I cried when my mother took me to J. C. Penney's to buy my first bra. " "Shut up," I said. To me, breasts were simply a regrettable burden, something my body was doing to me against my will. I slumped, not consciously trying to hide my breasts, but, in retrospect, they seem the obvious reason for an adolescenthood of bad posture. The same year my breasts sprouted, I became convinced I would get my period.

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