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By Randall Rainey, Gerard Magill

The continued debate over abortion serves as a transparent indication that the ideal courtroom choice of 1973 did little to settle the query of abortion's legitimacy. If whatever, in reality, the talk has grown, with extra strident voices and, at times, extra violent dimensions than ever earlier than. On each side, the talk has been ruled through passionate yet no longer constantly rational arguments. it sort of feels as inspiration there aren't any tame critiques approximately abortion during this kingdom, that public coverage is the made from slogans, sound bites, and placards, rather than principled argument. via offering the balanced, rational argument for the Catholic place in this hugely charged topic, Abortion and Public coverage makes an immense contribution to public coverage discourse in our pluralistic society. R. Randall Rainey, S.J., LL.M., is Senior Fellow on the Woodstock Theological middle at Georgetown collage. Gerard Magill Ph.D., is Chair of the dept of future health Care Ethics and Director of the interdisciplinary Ph.D. application in health and wellbeing Care Ethics at Saint Louis college.

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Every human being, regardless of age, race, sex, physical condition, or bodily dependency, is a manifestation of God's creative love, intellect, and will. In this sense, each individual receives his or her life and personhood from God. All of us, including the unborn, thus share a fundamental moral equality, which together with human dignity constitute the profound moral significance of being human. These characteristics of the human being are not negotiable. Moral and legal recognition of this universal human dignity and equality therefore may not be conditioned upon live birth or viability or the absence of physical defect or upon any other human criterion.

To foster a robust debate and definite conclusions, we invited a select audience of approximately 100 people, mostly from the academic community across the country. In a further effort to stimulate frank discussion and unfettered debate, the conference adopted the non-attribution rules of the American Assembly at Arden House of Columbia University. Accordingly, the statements of individuals could be quoted in the press but no statement could be attributed to any individual. Although the Committee did not seek formal media coverage, the conference did enjoy the participation of several prominent columnists and editors.

Never before has a humane society placed such an absolute and unrestricted power in the hands of an individual. Although . . abortion may [now] be legally permissible, it is still morally wrong, and no Court opinion can change the law of God prohibiting the taking of innocent human life. Therefore, as religious leaders, we cannot accept the Court's judgment and we urge people not to follow its reasoning or conclusions. 75 A brief review of the principle arguments advanced by the Bishops will illustrate the essential elements of the public policy of the Catholic Church in the aftermath of Roe v.

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