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By Leela Gulati, Jasodhara Bagchi

Concentrating on relationships among ladies of other generations in India, this e-book contains of narratives demonstrating how every one contributor tested her personal personhood via engagement with a much wider relations team. Did the ladies portrayed within the narratives locate area for themselves inside of orthodox buildings? Or, have been they so limited through the social roles of the best value to their households - as other halves and moms - that finishing those roles intended a few form of loss of life? How did their lives mold these of the narrators of those lifestyles histories? displaying that girls needn't consistently be visible as sufferers, those are tales of girls who discovered energy, luck and independence from the inspiring lives in their moms and grandmothers.

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Now when I come to think of it all, I feel sorry for both of us. She pushed me too hard. I was too weak to challenge her openly, so I resisted her inwardly, by being foolishly self-destructive. I felt trapped within her dreams. I was smothered by her obsessive love for me. Now I have two exceptionally talented daughters and I hope I do not make similar mistakes with them. It is rather strange that although Radharani was a social rebel and built her own life by doing what she wanted, not wasting time imagining what others might say about her, she did exactly the opposite when it came to her daughter’s life.

Narendra Dev had named it ‘Bhalo Basha’, meaning love. It also means a good nest. It surely has been both. To me, my mother and my daughters. I grew up as an only child in a pleasant, unconventional home, frequented by creative artists and intellectuals, and inhabited by a variety of animals—rabbits and goldfish, birds and squirrels, kittens and puppies. Father took care of the dogs, Mother took care of me, and I took care of the rest. My daughters Antara and Nandana had been to school in the United States, England and Delhi before settling down in Calcutta.

Thoroughly supportive of my scholarly endeavours, he took a lot of interest in my research work, believed it to be academically worthwhile and encouraged me to publish it. But he did not encourage me to take up a job as he hopped from one university to another. Unfortunately, he had no interest in my creative life, and did not introduce me to his friends as a poet. He had made a condition before our marriage that there would be either pets in the house or Amartya, not both! He was gregarious, responsible and caring, though too busy to help me out with the household chores or to tackle small children.

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