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By Horace W. Davenport

This e-book examines the background of experimental learn in gastric secretion and digestion. the writer identifies the clinical questions that experience occupied researchers and discusses the experiments that experience resulted in their recommendations. by means of setting apart points of experimental examine and tracing their evolution through the years, the publication presents gastric physiologists and gastroenterologists with a superior realizing of the highbrow heritage in their box.

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The curves marked (2x) and (4x) are those that would describe the concentration of hydrogen ions if the permeability constant of the membrane were two or four times greater. Below: the external fluid is 95 mN NaCI. (From Teorell T. Electrolyte diffusion in relation to the acidity regulation of the gastric juice. Eingegossen ···· ... "... :-··, "" Cl J 2 JO ! JO 60 Figure 1-12. Chloride and hydrogen ion concentrations found by Torsten Teorell when he put 5 ml of a mixture of 150 mN HCI and 20 mN NaCI in the nonsecreting stomach of an anesthetized cat, removed it for sampling, and replaced it.

U :I: d ea.. /20 min. Figure 1-6. The relation between volume-rate of gastric secretion by dogs and the concentrations of "chloride fractions" in pooled samples. (From Gray JS, Bucher GR, Harman HH. The relationships between total acid and neutral chlorides of gastric juice. ) Table 1-2. 6 Source: Compiled from data in Gray JS, Bucher, GR, The composition ofgastric juice as a function of the rate of secretion. Am J Physiol 133:542-550, 1941. 17 18 / A HISTORY OF GASTRIC SECRETION AND DIGESTION Parietal cells, he said, secrete an isotonic solution ofHCI (or a mixture containing hydrobromic or hydroiodic ifbromide or iodide is in the blood), and this free acid first appears at the membrane forming the wall ofthe canaliculi.

0 SECRETIONS FROM PYLORJC ANiRUM. 0 . :. : 0 •• II HP04 •• BLOOD PLASMA. Figure 1-7. A "Gamblegram" showing the relationship between the electrolyte composition of cats' gastric juice and blood plasma. (From Gamble JA, Mclver MA. The acid-base composition of gastric secretions. ) SECRETION OF HYDROCHLORIC ACID / 19 isotonic with blood, and innumerable observations have demonstrated that to be the case. For example, Nathan Lifson, working with Maurice Visscher and a young surgeon at the University ofMinnesota, found that of 118 samples obtained from 15 dogs, I 06 were within ± 8 müsm of isotonicity; 6 were more hypertonic; and 6 were more hypotonic.

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