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The topology of fibre bundles

Fibre bundles, now an essential component of differential geometry, also are of serious significance in smooth physics--such as in gauge conception. This publication, a succinct advent to the topic by means of renown mathematician Norman Steenrod, was once the 1st to offer the topic systematically. It starts off with a basic advent to bundles, together with such themes as differentiable manifolds and overlaying areas.

Surgery on simply-connected manifolds

Brower W. surgical procedure on simply-connected manifolds (Springer, 1972)(ISBN 0387056297)

The Geometry of Total Curvature on Complete Open Surfaces

This autonomous account of contemporary rules in differential geometry exhibits how they are often used to appreciate and expand classical leads to critical geometry. The authors discover the impression of overall curvature at the metric constitution of whole, non-compact Riemannian 2-manifolds, even though their paintings should be prolonged to extra basic areas.

Differential Geometry, Lie Groups, and Symmetric Spaces, Volume 80

The current e-book is meant as a textbook and reference paintings on 3 themes within the identify. including a quantity in development on "Groups and Geometric research" it supersedes my "Differential Geometry and Symmetric Spaces," released in 1962. given that that point numerous branches of the topic, relatively the functionality concept on symmetric areas, have constructed considerably.

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As a rule in this book, as was stated in the introduction, interest is focused, at least initially, on properties of curves and surfaces in the small, and consequently a double point such as P in Fig. 1 is regarded as two distinct points, each of which lies on a different curve segment. 3. Change of Parameters It is often convenient to shift from one parameter representation of a curve to another. Quite generally, many important results in differential geometry can often be made direct and easy to achieve once a special parametric representation has been tactfully chosen.

II 16. The Jordan Theorem as a Problem in Differential Geometry in the Large The distinction between a problem in differential geometry in the large and a problem in the small for plane curves is that a finite extent of a curve is to be considered in the former case, and in addition some property of the curve is generally involved that cannot be studied without doing more than examining the curve in a neighborhood of each of its points. The distinction between the two kinds of problems is best brought out by giving concrete examples, as will be done in this and subsequent sections.

It is of interest to determine K when the curve is given by a parameter t other than «. For dijds # 0, the following formulas are obtained : ^ dt 'is' Since ds/dt = V(X')2 [cf. 18): so that , (X' x X*) x\x\ - 4x? , "(«h x u2) = ( X ,. X , ) V , = (x? )Vl (ux x ua), Sec. 12 EXISTENCE OF A PLANE CURVE FOR GIVEN CURVATURE K 27 This is the well-known formula for the curvature of a plane curve given in the parametric form xx = xx(t)9 x2 = x2(t). 20) it is readily checked that the curve X(t ) = (t2, t3) shown in Fig.

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