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Includes 34 essays from major students in heritage, classics, philosophy, and political technological know-how to light up Greek and Roman political idea in all its variety and depth.

• deals a large survey of historical political suggestion from Archaic Greece via past due Antiquity
• ways old political philosophy from either a normative and ancient focus
• Examines Greek and Roman political notion inside of ancient context and modern debate
• Explores the function of old political notion in a number philosophies, reminiscent of the person and group, human rights, faith, and cosmopolitanism

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De domo sua Fam. Epistulae ad familiares Fin. De finibus Har. resp. De haruspicum responso Leg. De legibus Leg. agr. De lege agraria Lig. Pro Ligario Pro Marcello Marcell. Mil. Pro Milone Mur. Pro Murena Nat. D. De natura Deorum Off. De officiis Part. or. Partitiones oratoriae Phil. Philippics Pis. In Pisonem 33 Plane. Prov. cons. Pro Plancio De provinciis consularibus QFr. Epistulae ad Quintum fratrem QRose. Pro Roscio comoedo Quinct. Pro Quinctio Red. pop. Post reditum ad populum Red. sen. Post reditum in senatu Rep.

Contrary to a frequently expressed view, the ancient philosophers did not construct Utopian cities of virtue and reason in a vacuum; rather, they developed preexisting lines of thought and intervened in contemporary debates. The ancients’ concern with citizenry character, of course, presupposes the all-important category of citizenship itself. It is with the category of citizenship that we can begin to move from identifying the ancients’ distinctive concerns to exploring their larger theoretical significance.

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